VyprVPN Experience

GoldenFrog was set up so that you can assist web users keep their privacy and security. VyprVPN, the main business product, was found in 2009 and helps you to encrypt all their users internet connections, preventing observation of on-line communications, protecting online privacy, and providing access to otherwise limited sites. Everything is self-hosted, meaning that it’s never outsourced to third parties, and users have use privileges and infinite speed to the network. The service works with almost every kind of device it is possible to think of and you receive 5GB of secure on-line data storage. If you want to compare VyprVPN to other VPN Services – check out this Vypr VPN Review and use their comparison tools.


VyprVPN is called a leader in the business so far as privacy is concerned. The most important reason behind that is how they continue to run their own VPN network and constructed. Other businesses outsource at least a few of these functions. What this means is that all your data is encrypted and shielded from source. If you’re using your notebook at work or in the home, or using WiFi in a public place, you may rest assured, understanding that all your info is safe and shielded.


The unique feature provided by GoldenFrog is how the run the whole network on an inhouse basis. This is the principal reasons why connections are quick and secure and allows them complete control of the network. In addition, the have a lot of connections. The offer over 200,000 IP addresses for their 700 servers found in 36 states with a powerful and growing presence, around the world.

Every one of the strategies support several characteristics and vital functions that other VPN suppliers occasionally overlook. This includes being accessible to your multitude of apparatus. IOS, and Windows, Mac OS X, Android have programs that users may download and use free of charge. Operating systems and other devices may be configured with directions given by the Golden Frog Support team. Most strategies contain all the most popular protocols like OpenVPN PPTP, and L2TP /IPSec. VyprVPN even offers a new proprietary protocol. Chameleon is an initial protocol they developed to scramble OpenVPN packet metadata. This helps to ensure that it is never understood via DPI or Deep Packet Inspection. It will help users avoid blocking measures set in place by prohibitive authorities who block understand VPN protocols. In addition, you will be well-served with unlimited data use, an enclosed NAT firewall for a lot more protection and unrestricted speed. And of course that all your information is encrypted using the 256-bit technology.


Speed can also be when using VyprVPN never an issue. Unlike a lot of other VPN service providers, especially people who outsource several their network functions, there’s not ever any network restraining to slow down you. The truth is, you’ll actually have speed that is unrestricted. What this means is you may proceed and download those large audio files, stream film or that TV show from Netflix or Hulu.


The pricing strategies for GoldenFrog are not difficult to understand. The essential strategy is $80.04 when charged per annum or $9.99 when charged monthly. Should you get a bundle through our website, you get a unique price offer of $5.00 a month. That is a 50% reduction when you get VyprVPN! The Ace strategy contains a couple more attributes and contains the break down of $99.96 per annum and $14.99 per month. The very top of the line, Premier strategy, contains all the attributes offered and is a decent $120 per year, or only $19.99 when you select monthly billing.

Customer Support:

The support page in the GoldenFrog.com web site is quite complete. The truth is, you’ll notice installation guides and complete use broken down according to type of operating system and apparatus. There’s also the possibility for those who have some additional questions or concerns to start a live chat with the support team. It’s also possible to submit an e-mail to the staff, which ensures a response within a quarter hour, given the reality they’re on duty 24/7/365.

Simple Use:

Everything about service and this website is created simple to work with. Installing and downloading the software is basically painless and in the event you still want help, look in the use and setup guides. From there, it will run automatically, enabling you the possibility to decide on protocol settings and your server. Take a short while and experiment to find out which choices work best for place and your specific system. More in this VyprVPN Review.


VyprVPN offers the software’s customers IP addresses in these states:

Czech Republic
Hong Kong
New Zealand
South Korea