TorGuard VPN Experience

TorGuard is a web company situated in Panama which specializes in security and privacy software for customers who wish to make use of on-line programs without having their information gathered, and supplies VPN products for safe net use. The website is geared toward users who need to secure their identities while using file sharing bittorent. TorGuard is regarded as a quick, safe and reliable VPN, with exceptional customer service and quick on-line access. It’s an especially high evaluation among torrent download and upload clients.
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TorGuard protects the secrecy of its own customers, keeping information moving servers to avoid tracking or place detection and safe using encryption. The servers are private, safe and impenetrable, and the system is protected without interfering with on-line action or interrupting service. TorGuard uses a 256-bit OpenVPN encryption and prides itself on not maintaining logs or any records of the different IP addresses that its users use.


TorGuard provides a complete roll of characteristics including identity masking via anonymous IP addresses, infinite speeds and bandwidth, access to servers in 13 different states streaming from websites like Hulu, Facebook, Netflix regardless of place and enabling customers to circumvent censorship and enable access. Also, the TorGuard VPN provides an intuitive and simple-to-use program for Android users as well as a free anonymous email for several users. The e-mail account is procured with internet based G/ PGP and comes with 10mb of complimentary e-mail storage that was international.

To get a a business that is young, the roll of attributes of TorGuard is quite remarkable. TorGuard enables the merchandise to be used by customers with no prior knowledge and connect several different apparatus using the exact same membership. It has a friendly interface, is fast to address problems that come up, and has a great, user friendly site.


As a website that advertises itself as the VPN of alternative to streamers and video downloaders, Torguard strives to provide its customers high level service. It continues to add servers to help optimize functionality, and offers an excellent variety of servers and load balancing. TorGuide has at least 30 servers working in 9 states and with infinite bandwidth and web speeds, users report remarkable connection times and net speeds.


TorGuard offers a number of the finest costs of any VPN, and one month money back guarantee. Torguard offers customers trying to find the method by which the service functions without perpetrating a TRIAL OFFER. In addition to their own well-known Anonymous VPN bundle (pricing below), TorGuard provides an Anonymous Bittorrent Proxy service for those just thinking about file sharing.

Are immediately allowed access to a huge number of IP address that come from more than 30 servers in 9 states. With this particular essential program, users can have internet connection speeds and unlimited bandwidth.

Customer Support:

TorGuard comes with an outstanding, high level web site along with a FAQ page that is helpful. The VPN product is quite easy find on their website amidst the other technical offerings of TorGuard, as well as the advice is arranged and simple-to-follow. They’ve a complete e-mailing system for customers, a ticket-based support system that ensures a fast turnaround time, and a 24/7 on-line consulting platform for immediate help with any VPN problems.

Simple Use:

TorGuard is simple to set up and configure and has a straightforward interface. Unlike other VPNs that don’t include a download, users must install the VPN platform of TorGuard on cellular devices and their computers. A lot of info is shown on their website to assist a customer do basic troubleshooting. TorGuard offers unprecedented degrees of solitude and user anonymity and is geared towards users who prefer to download or stream from various bittorrent websites.

TorGuard offers its customers IP addresses in these states:

Hong Kong
New Zealand