StrongVPN Experience


StrongVPN is a well-honored VPN provider which was set up in 1994. Initially, PCs were sold by the corporation but moved to the internet security company in 1995. StrongVPN is constituted of Mac, Windows and Linux specialists to be able to offer expertise and customer support to get an extensive array of consumers. The customer service team is available twenty-four hours a day, seven days per week, 365 days annually.’s main focus will be to supply encryption, IP shifting and security services through their network of high speed servers. With StrongVPN, it is possible to browse without your browsing behaviour being monitored and safely.


StrongVPN will never sell or distribute your info to a third party. Your private information just gathers for buying and billing functions. Additionally, advice about your web browser kind and IP address can also be collected for all these functions. These policies will be the same for companies, residences and WiFi hotspots. When there’s any action that is questionable, additional info may gather on that specific user. Nevertheless, when the issue is identified, StrongVPN will cease gathering these records. TRUSTe, a top on-line privacy protection firm certifies StrongVPN, to make sure your privacy is protected in any way times.

Attributes: is more than a VPN service but additionally offers VPN routers. These routers may be used with your VPN service for connecting to your own Apple TV, Roku, Boxee, PS3, Xbox as well as other similar apparatus. These routers can be utilized for connecting with services like Netflix and Hulu that need your IP address to originate in a particular state. When you using a WiFi hotspot StrongVPN also can shield your pc. These hotspots are often safe and can be readily obtained by hackers that want to steal your private info. With StrongVPN, your info is anonymous and encrypted so it can’t be obtained by a third party. StrongVPN offers static IP addresses which gives an added level of security to you. This IP address will be related to your account – it WOn’t ever shift which means your private info can not be accessed by any other IP.


The servers used by StrongVPN all enable you to get a high speed internet connection as well as in the majority of situations you WOn’t see any change in the speed of your web. Your speed might not be faster if you’re utilizing a server which is in another state but most users report having no problem with reference to speed. When using OpenVPN as a result of added security features given by this VPN kind additionally, you might see a somewhat slower speed.


All packages take a 3 month minimum but StrongVPN offers a 7-day money-back guarantee if you’re not filled. The bundles are broken up into 3 distinct kinds – Premium, OpenVPN and PPTP. Together with the Premium bundle, you’ve got access to all the servers in the StrongVPN network in a total price of $90.00 or $30.00 per month. Overplay also offers a Smart DNS service called StrongDNS – it is recommended by Smart DNS comparison sites like on Servicio Smart DNS.

Customer Support:

Support is available twenty-four hours a day, each day of the entire year. It’s possible for you to get in touch with customer support via Skype, live chat or e-mail. In the „Contact Us“ section of the StrongVPN web site, you’ll see every one of the staff which is now on duty, what their expertise is, customer reviews and contact information. This enables one to easily and quickly discover the individual you should talk to- whether it is a technical question about your operating system or a sales question.

Simple Use:

StrongVPN just needs several clicks and comes with an automatic set up procedure that’s very easy. You can even set StrongVPN up nonetheless it’s less easy. But should you be needed to do a manual set up, StrongVPN offers a step by step guide complete with screenshots for operating systems that are all available so that you can help make the procedure simpler. For those who have some questions you may also get in touch with a customer service representative.

Powerful VPN offers its customers IP addresses in these states:

Czech Republic
Hong Kong