HideMyNet VPN Experience

HideMyNet is a VPN supplier that is in operation. HideMyNet specializes in VPN and encryption services to provide a safe and anonymous internet browsing experience to you. With HideMyNet.com, you prevent hackers, corporations or alternative information gathering agencies from recovering your information which is transmitted on the net. As a HideMyNet subscriber you’ll have access and you won’t ever be billed an overage or use fee. Additionally, you’ll receive dedicated 24/7 customer support from professional technicians.
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Your own personal information gathers for the purposes of support and charging but your advice won’t ever be distributed or sold to a third party. Some advice may also be transferred between the server as well as your pc . Cookies are often employed to enhance the functionality and the security of the website. But this info is kept confidential and no third party will have the ability to identify you. HideMyNet uses wide-ranging security protocols to be able to avoid any unauthorized use of info collected in the HideMyNet.com website.


HideMyNet offers a 30-day money-back guarantee if you’re unhappy using the service. Additionally, you’ll get a dynamic IP address that is unique as well as unlimited data transfer . In addition, you will have access to multiple VPN protocols also to the HideMyNet.com proxy network. In addition, there are no bandwidth limits and high speed internet connectivity is allowed for by all servers. HideMyNet’s exceptional layout empowers VPN places to easily and quickly alter necessary. HideMyNet can also be harmonious with iPad iPhone and Android -powered apparatus. The connections through this VPN supplier are encrypted which means that your info is protected. Also, you don’t have when you subscribe to HideMyNet to sign a contract and you are able to cancel at any given moment. With your HideMyNet bundle, you may additionally receive professional customer support twenty-four hours per day, seven days per week.


The VPN server should not affects the speed. But if you’re employing a server that isn’t in your state your net speed could be impeded in a few situations. HideMyNet works attentively to ensure the technical support team is always standing by if any problems arise as well as that no server becomes overloaded. You may have the ability to stream media with no gap with HideMyNet from Hulu, Netflix, Pandora as well as other websites.


The bundles offered at HideMyNet may change according to the state you reside in. Generally, you may be offered the All in One bundle including accessibility to all of HideMyNet.com’s proxy services, server places and VPN services without any use limits, bandwidth constraints or added fees. Additionally, there’s a 30-day money-back guarantee with no contract in order to pay as you go and cancel anytime.

Customer Support:

It’s possible for you to get in touch with support by submitting a ticket with regard to your own particular issue. Customer support representatives are available and will help you as soon as possible. A knowledgebase is also that replies various distinct inquiries and problems and offers support. The customer support representatives experienced and are exceptionally trained. These representatives are qualified to troubleshoot and repair any issues that could happen in a timely manner.

Simple Use:

It’s possible for you to download, install and set up HideMyNet in an issue of minutes. The procedure really is easy and in case you’ve got any trouble, it is possible to make use of the video guide or guides for the operating system which can be given to the HideMyNet.com website. The corporation has been operating for almost 20 years and has received high customer evaluations. Wisdom, the expertise and service supplied by HideMyNet are of the best quality.

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Hong Kong