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BolehVPN is a leading VPN supplier that provides IP and encryption changer services along with game hosting Seedbox hosting and VoIP. was ranked among the best 5 VPN suppliers by both TorrentFreak and LifeHacker for their outstanding services and support. The servers of BolehVPN tend not to convey together with the database of consumers and are 100% independent. Additionally, BolehVPN never logs your action so your browsing info is not totally public. BolehVPN is compatible with Mac, Windows 7 and Windows 8 and Linux operating systems in addition to Android and iOS -powered mobile devices.
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BolehVPN takes privacy and security quite seriously. With respect to the kind of payment method you use you might simply have to supply the firm with your email. Your private information is never distributed or sold to anyone and is used for payment processing purposes. Additionally, never requires logarithms of your task therefore it’s totally private. Logarithms may be activated by BolehVPN if you have any action that is uncommon but will promptly delete the logs after the issue is identified. When it comes to troubleshooting, turning on logarithms is the last resort and is used if the issue has been solved by no other activity.


BolehVPN offers encryption services and IP shifting but also can be utilized for VoIP, game hosting and Seedbox hosting. With Seedbox hosting, you may have access to your private server for the purposes of downloading and uploading digital files in a significantly greater speed when compared to a regular internet connection. Gaming hosting allows one to develop a protected and private server to get a select amount of matches while VoIP lets you secure your Mumble voice chat server. BolehVPN isn’t just accessible on your own Windows, Mac or Linux computer operating system but it’s also readily available for iOS and Android apparatus. Your info is encrypted and any 3rd party tracks can’t even if you are at an unsecured WiFi area when used in your cell devices. In addition, there are not any bandwidth limits and subscribers that are total qualify to get various bonuses and free gifts.


You’ve complete access to their high speed servers, when you subscribe to BolehVPN. There’s no bandwidth limitation in order to get streaming applications like Hulu, Pandora, Netflix as well as other media just as fast as your normal web connection. The speed is influenced by the speed of your net but the speed must not change. Using additionally lets you boost your P2P while raising the privacy and protection of your private info.


There’s both 3-day as well as a 7-day trial packages accessible at BolehVPN. Sometimes it is also possible to get a totally free 1-day trial. There are 5 total subscriber packages available including 125 days, 60 days, 30 days, 180 days and 366 days. Other services like VoIP and Seedbox hosting have their very own individual costs.

Customer Support:

Customer support may be reached through a number of different paths. To begin with, when available, it is possible to send an e-mail to the support address or utilize the live chat function. It is also possible to submit an individual ticket using the BolehVPN panel system. As an alternative, it is possible to submit your question via hunt or the BolehVPN support form for newsgroup threads that discuss the problem you’re experiencing. Customer support is courteous, professional and fast. The customer support representatives are highly trained to diagnose and repair any trouble you might be experiencing.

Simple Use:

Registering a fresh account will be finished in less than 2 minutes and is quite simple. You may have to modify the layout of your applications although the download and setup procedure can also be pretty easy. High customer evaluations have been received by BolehVPN and is regarded as among variety of services and the greatest VPN suppliers because of its secrecy protection.

Boleh VPN offers its customers IP addresses in these states:

Hong Kong