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AirVPN offers high quality VPN services including IP and encryption services that are altering. runs under an internet neutrality policy and that means it is possible to avoid censorship blocks set up by your ISP supplier. It’s possible for you to browse the web with complete anonymity so that it is unable to be obtained through an unauthorized eavesdropper, and your information is encrypted. This VPN supplier will not discriminate against service any protocol or program so that you’ve got the flexibility to work with all your preferred services. Also Air VPN will not log all of your on-line action in order to rest assured your advice will likely not be totally public.
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AirVPN goes above and beyond to keep anonymity and your solitude. Solitude and Net Neutrality which means your information won’t ever be logged or tracked is firmly believed in by the originators of the website. Furthermore, the VPN service will not permit authorities, corporations or other 3rd parties to track and get your info. Every task while connected to a AirVPN server, you undertake is anonymous and totally private. Moreover , the corporation is compliant with EU directives on e-privacy and data protection. The policies at Air VPN all are 100% transparent and that means you’re not fully unaware of conditions and the terms of use.


By using the VPN service you will have the ability to modify your IP address to ensure your identity can be uncovered by no one. This enables one to circumvent censorships that your ISP supplier or government has set. Moreover, this service will not allow one to identify the kind of traffic or protocol you’re using and it causes it to be hopeless for data eavesdropping if you are employing a public network. allows one to additionally use port forwarding in order to use each of your programs. The application is automatically installed which means that you do not need to configure this software manually. In addition, you will be given the absolute minimum bandwidth of 4 Mbit/s download and 4Mbit/s upload along with a high speed internet connection using the AirVPN servers. Additionally, there is no limit on speed, traffic or time and you can view the data of your use anytime. It is also possible to make use of this service on your own iPhone iPad and Android apparatus.


High speed servers are used by AirVPN which means that your speed is only going to be restricted by your geographical place, web speed and server load. Nevertheless, AirVPN works difficult to make sure that no server becomes overloaded and that means you’ve got the perfect browsing experience. Under most conditions you perform all your routine on-line tasks with no major speed problem and will have the ability to browse, stream videos, music or alternative media. It is possible to generally increase the connection speed with a server that’s closer to where you are.


A three day trial strategy is accessible at AirVPN along with 4 other premium strategies. You might also be entitled to a trial strategy that is free by request. Each of the strategies include access to servers and any or all accessible protocols with no limits on speed, time or traffic. Air VPN uses an OpenVPN for the best amount of security.
Customer Support:

It’s possible for you to contact by sending a message with AirVPN’s on-line messaging system situated on their website. As an alternative, it is possible to check with frequently asked questions or the newsgroups to find solutions to your own questions. You could submit a support ticket if you’re experiencing a technical difficulty with this service then. A customer service representative begins focusing on the problem when you possibly can and you’ll receive updates to the progress.

Simple Use:

Setup and the download of the service really is easy. The program was made to configure automatically so that you don’t have to intercede. AirVPN supplies detailed guides if you would like to configure the application manually. This VPN supplier is among a small number of suppliers that do not take any logs of your on-line action and provides a great service.

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